Here’s a little photo history of Brent where he grew up. He had the perfect parents and family, and if he had it to do all over again he wouldn’t change a thing.

This is the house Brent grew up in, until 6th grade. That sidewalk has many-o-indentations of Brent’s face from crashing on his bike.

Down the street was his elementary school. He used to go early so he could try to “wheelie” all the way across that lot (and did it!).

Baseball was Brent’s favorite past-time. He was a pitcher and loved every minute of it. If you’ve ever seen the show “The Rookie”, that was Brent as a kid. Every spare minute throwing the ball against the house (and through some windows!).

Then Brent’s dad built a house in a nearby city, and he moved there (yea, I know…big upgrade!).

So Brent immediately began attending Middle School instead of Elementary. Big change. Luckily they had “Foosball Tables” at lunch (which was his other gig) so he made friends fast. Brent’s cousin and he used to go to the mall and challenge High Schoolers, and beat them. Then they would threaten to beat Brent and his cousin…literally.

So here, at around 13 or 14 years old, Brent learned to drive (that red pickup truck) in the field behind his house. Every day after school he’d go “wheelin” in that monster truck (no, it looked like that BEFORE he drove it). : )

And the motor home was his favorite “hideout”. He’d sleep in there many-o-nights. Awesome.

This was the view (winter view) from his bedroom balcony across the valley. He misses seeing that every morning!

Then he turned the awesome age that allowed him to attend HIGH SCHOOL. ROCKIN!

And he listened to a lot of music, and saw a lot of concerts, like this one (many times)…

Here’s the clean-cut family he was raised in…(minus 2 brothers).

Cleaner view of them…This is “The Jackson 5” (Brent’s the youngest, so he was Michael).

So there was this family that lived close by, and Brent’s brother was dating one of the girls (they had 13 kids!). He frequently saw one of them at his friends house (with his friend’s little sister) and couldn’t help but notice how cute she was. But she was 3 years younger (Brent was 16, she was 13) so he couldn’t admit to his friends that he had a crush on her (top left).

Here she is again…So Cute!

She liked hanging out in trees (?)…

Then Brent moved out of state, and then went on a mission for his church.

Then, he came back to go to college (and learned NOT to part his hair in the middle).

At college he joined a band to have some fun with music. They would travel around the state and do High School dances, proms, etc.

THEN – he ran into this girl that he once knew…She was going to the same school…and she was GORGEOUS!

He knew he should’ve asked her out in High School! Oh well, always a second chance, right?

RIGHT! So he asked her out (she said yes)…then he went on a study abroad trip to Mexico for 2 months (while she “waited for him”).

His New Home in Mexico (no shower in the house).

His New Dad in Mexico named Jorge.

He came back and dated that hot blonde…and 2 and 1/2 years later…

And the rest, as they say… is history.