Hobbies & Enjoyments

Clearly music is at the top of the list, evidenced by his favorite room in the house.



But there are some other things he loves to do in (not so frequent) spare time.

Driving a Nascar around the Speedway at 133MPH doesn’t stink. What a RUSH!

Been skiing since he was a kid. Still loves it like he’s a kid!

Since he was in 3rd grade, jumps and wheelies have been his favorite part of riding anything with wheels (or no wheels!).

He can’t even explain how much motorcycles are a part of him. Since he was a kid he’s been on one. It was kind of his second home.¬†Today he rides a Honda Shadow.

HUGE Brian Regan fan. There’s a great story around how he met Brian the 1st time. Funniest comedian out there. Profanity filter not even needed!

Skiing works on water too!

Last, but certainly NOT least. He LOVES being in the mountains! He is truly at home there.

NOW – For the FUTURE – – – Here’s what he DREAMS to be able to do (Click to Watch):

Watch This Video!